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An extensible, interpretated language by Tim Long with syntax similar to C. ICI adds high-level garbage-collected associative data structures, exception handling, sets, regular expressions, and dynamic arrays.

Libraries provide additional types and functions to support common needs such as I/O, simple databases, character based screen handling, direct access to system calls, safe pointers, and floating-point.

ICI runs on Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, and Linux and in embedded environments.



E-mail: Andy Newman <andy@research.canon.com.au>.

Mailing list: ici@research.canon.com.au.


Abbr. for “International Commission on Illumination.”
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Source: Ten Important Facts About Roth IRAs, Investment Company Institute, July 2017
2004 YTD 2004 YTD 2003 New Sales 83,505 67,470 857,155 763,064 Redemptions -64,246 -59,068 -695,045 -638,148 Exchanges In 17,034 12,985 155,756 221,971 Exchange Out -14,948 -14,188 -150,458 -208,788 Net New Cash Flow 21,345 7,203 167,407 138,100 Source: Investment Company Institute
7 trillion in 1999, up from $550 billion in 1992, a growth rate of 17% per year, according to a recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and the Investment Company Institute.
07 billion during the month, the Investment Company Institute said Thursday.
The name of the group is the Investment Company Institute, and "it has been quietly working behind the scenes to shape legislation and doling out big sums to key members of Congress," Wyatt wrote.
Friendship yielded to self-interest when Packwood asked him for a personal favor that Alexander thought would not only hurt his client--the Investment Company Institute (ICI)--but might tarnish his image as well.
Like a similar resolution in the House, the Senate's proposal seeks to roll back a Labor Department rule exempting city- and state-run retirement savings programs for private-sector employees from the strong saver protections of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, according to the Investment Company Institute.
The rule was proposed in December 2015, but asset managers and the Investment Company Institute expressed concern that the framework of the proposed rule would unduly restrict the investment strategies of funds.
85% of Americans oppose eliminating the tax benefits of saving in a defined contribution (DC) plan, the Investment Company Institute found in a survey.

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