deep Web

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deep Web

(1) Sometimes, the "dark" Web is erroneously used to mean the deep Web (definition #2 below). See dark Web.

(2) Content on the Web that is not found on a Google, Yahoo or Bing search because it has been coded to not be indexed by the search engines. Deep Web content is thousands of times larger than the public Web ("surface Web").

Also known as the "invisible Web," viewing such content is accomplished by going to the desired website and typing the query into a search box. Countless sites make their content available to the public via one or more search boxes, and registration may be required. Deep Web content is not stored within the Web pages; it typically resides within a database. However, search tools do exist that can query deep Web content. See LexiBot.

(3) Password-protected content on the Web available only to members and subscribers.

(4) See deep link.
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Though the book is more theoretical than practical, chapters four to six provide a framework and resources to help teacher librarians integrate the Invisible Web into their current practice.
of New York, and Egger-Sider, coordinator of technical services at the college, build on their 2009 book Going Beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching with this volume, which draws on a survey of colleagues in the education and library communities, as well as research and other information, to outline strategies for using and teaching the invisible web.
The first part is general background that defines the invisible web as we know it today and provides an overview of studies on information-seeking behavior.
Google spins an invisible web of our personal data, without consent," said Jacob Kohnstamm, the chairman of the DPA.
Bank malware attacks in Australia rose in the third quarter of 2013, reveals Trend Micro in its report 'The Invisible Web Unmasked'.
NEW YORK -- Evidon, the global leader in revealing the invisible web, today announced that its Evidon InForm[TM] solution has joined together with IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX).
The CLE credit program will help attorneys, paralegals and other support staff learn specialized Internet research techniques, and will cover everything from basic web searches to the invisible web.
An invisible web thought to span the cosmos has now revealed one of its strands.
The front-page story was the second half of a two-parter written by Berkman called "The Invisible Web Getting a Little More Visible.
Many individuals and institutions have compiled a list of invisible Web directories.
The book covers the invisible web, terrorism monitoring, government websites, anonymised search, the prevention of internet fraud and how to spot dodgy customers.
The book, Going Beyond Google, provides readers with tools and background information that can be used to help students understand the value of using invisible web resources to meet their information needs.