InylChek, Iuzhnyi and Severnyi

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Inyl’Chek, Iuzhnyi and Severnyi


(Southern and Northern InyPchek), branched dendritic valley glaciers in central Tien-Shan, on the upper reaches of the Inyl’chek River, a tributary of the Sarydzhaz, in the Kirghiz SSR.

The southern glacier, often known simply as the Inyl’chek, is the largest in the Tien-Shan and the second-longest mountain-valley glacier in the USSR (after the Fedchenko Glacier). Length, 59.5 km; area, more than 800 sq km. Large glaciers flow into it from the left: the Zvezdochka, Dikii, Proletarskii Turizm, and Komsomolets. Its lower end has a 14-km section of stagnant ice.

Severnyi Inyl’chek, or Reznichenko Glacier, is 38.2 km long. It is separated from the southern glacier by the broad Sredinnyi (Central) Range with Mount Khan-Tengri in the east. Lake Mertsbakher lies between its end and the lower part of Iuzhnyi Inyl’chek.

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