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or Ivan, a 12th-century Russian architect. He designed the Spasskii Cathedral (before 1159) in the Spaso-Evfrosiniia Monastery (now within the Polotsk City limits), the finest piece of 12th-century Polotsk architecture.

Ioann was the first to depart from the usual crucifix-domed buildings of old Russian architecture: he raised the drum slightly, extending its triangular sides out over the central cube of the church, and lowered the apsis and the west entrance to give the building a towered effect and an intense dynamic quality. Two churches in the Polotsk Bel’chitskii Monastery are also attributed to Ioann (both in the first half of the 12th century; now in ruins).


Vseobshchaia istoriia arkhitektury, vol. 3. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966. Pages 585–87.
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(5) He was recruited from Corfu during the Russian occupation as the Conte Giovanni Capo d'Istria, served as the Russian foreign minister at the Congress of Vienna as Graf Ioann Kapodistriia, along the way wrote the Swiss constitution, and became the first head of the independent Greek government.
To offer a last example, in the opening shot of Andrei Tarkovsky's Sacrifice, Alexander (the main character of the film) tells his young child, Little Man, the story of Ioann Kolov, pupil of an Orthodox monk, who was ordered by his master to climb a mountain every day, to water a dead tree he had planted until the tree came back to life, which, after three years, it did.
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Mayor Luzhkov is no stranger to blurring the bright line between church and state: as co-chairman of Boris Yeltsin's reelection campaign, he approved the use of billboards around Moscow that featured images of himself and Yeltsin "shaking hands against the glittering gold and white backdrop of the Kremlin's Ioann Lestivichnik church and belfry." Alessandra Stanley, Church Leans Toward Yeltsin in Russian Vote, N.Y.
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