Ioann Kukuzel

Kukuzel, Ioann


(Greek, loannes Kukuzeles). Born circa 1280 in Durres, now in Albania; died circa 1360. Bulgarian chorister, composer, and music theorist.

Kukuzel studied in the imperial choir school in Constantinople and was a court singer (he was called angel-voice). He lived in St. Athanasius Monastery on Mount Athon. loann Kukuzel reformed Byzantine church singing by developing its melodic patterns and improving its musical notation (”Kukuzelian neumes”). He composed church music based on Bulgarian national melodies (Panikadilo Bolgarki) his vocal works are monophonic, structurally complex, and distinguished by a wealth of ornamentation. He is the author of a theoretical treatise.


Dukhovni muzikalni tvorobi na sv. loan Kukuzel. Sofia, 1938.
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