Ioannes Tzetzes

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Ioannes Tzetzes


Born 1110; died 1185. Byzantine writer.

Ioannes Tzetzes wrote narrative poems in hexameter on Homeric themes as well as a short drama whose characters are a sage (the author himself) who grieves over the lamentable position of scholars, and a peasant, a chorus, and the Muses. He also wrote treatises on metrics and grammar and commentaries on the ancient Greek poets and philosophers. His principal work, The Book of Stories, is a valuable source of information on history, literature, and mythology.


Historiarum variorum chiiiades. Leipzig, 1826.


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The other source for medieval Ossetic consists of two lines in the Byzantine court official Ioannes Tzetzes's Theogony (twelfth c.), in what he denotes as "Alanic." This intriguing text has been the subject of several studies; the two most recent, Bielmeier 1993 and Testen 1994: 312-15, take into account the new reading of Hunger 1953, based on the Codex Vindobonensis of the Theogony discovered by Hunger in the Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek.