Ion Antonescu

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Antonescu, Ion


Born June 2 (14), 1882, in Pitesti; died June 1, 1946. Fascist military dictator of Rumania from 1940 to 1944; general.

Antonescu participated in the suppression of a peasant uprising in 1907 and in the military intervention against the Hungarian Soviet republic in 1919. In 1933 he became chief of the Rumanian general staff and in 1938 minister of defense. He became dictator of Rumania in September 1940. Antonescu and his government plunged Rumania into the war unleashed by Hitler against the USSR. After the popular uprising of Aug. 23, 1944, he was arrested. The people’s tribunal of Bucharest sentenced him to death as a war criminal, and he was executed in 1946.

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Caption: General Ion Antonescu was defacto dictator of Romania from 1940 to 1944.
The general Ion Antonescu, who, by King Carol II's abdication, became the ruler of Romania, gave the decisive blow to the royal political construction, by signing on September 9th, 1940, the decree that abolished the Party of the Nation.
"In a discreet manner, Ion Antonescu, as top military leader, had given a verbal order (not written, so as not to give proof to Hitler's SS) for the Romanian soldiers, wherever was required by the situation and was possible, to marry, at least only on paper, young Jewish women, so that, by changing their name, after getting married, they would be saved from the German executioners.
In September 1940, Romanian King Carol II abdicated his throne and handed power over to Marshal Ion Antonescu, who pursued policies that Antonescu hoped would lead to an "ethnically pure" Romania.
Even if the attache had not used the OSS code name "Orion" for Ion Antonescu, Freddie would have had no idea that he was talking about the unsuccessful efforts of Romania's wartime Conducator, or leader, to break away from the Nazis and negotiate a separate peace with the Western allies in 1943.
November 23 The Romanian government in Bucharest learns that Marshal Ion Antonescu has united Romania with the Axis powers.
And since much of it has to be done in Bucharest, where Ion Antonescu's collaborationist government, with the help of the Germans, is trying to put down an uprising from the Iron Guard (which believes that Antonescu's regime is not fascist enough), it gets to be tough duty.
Half of them died under the Nazi-allied regime of Marshal Ion Antonescu, while others perished after being deported to the former Soviet Union.
Hence, officers such as generals Ion Antonescu, Dumitru Stratilescu, Constantin Cristescu, Radu Rosetti, Al.
First, the mass murder was carried out by the Romanian authorities under Ion Antonescu's military dictatorship, and Romania was a sovereign German ally.
Hitler's Forgotten Ally: Ion Antonescu and His Regime, Romania 1940-1944, by Dennis Deletant.