Ion Fonaghi

Fonaghi, Ion


Born Sept. 17, 1900, in Marghita, Bihor District; died Apr. 1, 1929, in Doftana Prison, Prahova District. Figure in the Rumanian and international labor movements.

In 1919, Fonaghi took part in the defense of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. In 1922 he returned to Rumania, where he worked as a mason and contributed to the workers’ press. In 1923 he joined the Communist Party of Rumania (CPR) and became editor of the press organ of the Central Committee of the Union of Communist Youth of Rumania. In 1925, for the benefit of the Hungarian minority, he organized the publication of Bolcevizmus (Bolshevism), a Hungarian-language version of the bulletin of the Central Committee of the CPR. In October 1926, Fonaghi was sentenced to five years in prison for his revolutionary activities. He died before completing his term.