Ion Irimescu

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Irimescu, Ion


Born Mar. 1, 1903, in the village of PreuţJeşti, Suceava District. Rumanian sculptor. People’s Artist of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.

Irimescu studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1924–29) and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris (1929–31). He taught at the School of Fine Arts in laşi) (1940–50) and the Institute of Fine Arts in Cluj (1950–55). Since 1966 he has been a professor at the Fine Arts Institute in Bucharest. Irimescu has sculptured portraits (C. Baba, bronze, 1952, Museum of the Arts of the Socialist Republic of Rumania, Bucharest), monuments (The Year 1907, bronze, 1957, Craiova), and symbolic images of Rumanian peasants (The Flower, 1961). Irimescu’s works, outstanding for their integrated plastic form, show features of decorative stylization, which became more intense in the 1960’s.


Schileru, E. Ion Irimescu. Bucharest, 1969.
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