Ion Pump

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ion pump

[′ī‚än ‚pəmp]
A vacuum pump in which gas molecules are first ionized by electrons that have been generated by a high voltage and are spiraling in a high-intensity magnetic field, and the molecules are then attracted to a cathode, or propelled by electrodes into an auxiliary pump or an ion trap.

Ion Pump


a vacuum pump in which the scavenged gas is subjected to intense ionization and the positively charged ions that form are removed by an electric field. Ion pumps create a vacuum of 10-4 newtons per sq m, or 10-6 mm of mercury.

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For instance, instead of using drugs to block the release or uptake of various drugs or neurotransmitters, scientists could change the electricity regulating the ion pump, which would then change the amount of the drug or molecule inside, or outside, the cell.
The ion pump protein is an absolutely critical element of this device.
Nasdaq:VARI) today introduced a new family of ion pumps designed to deliver one of the highest achievable vacuum environments in certain mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, and other analytical instruments requiring ultra high vacuum.
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