Ion Pump

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ion pump

[′ī‚än ‚pəmp]
A vacuum pump in which gas molecules are first ionized by electrons that have been generated by a high voltage and are spiraling in a high-intensity magnetic field, and the molecules are then attracted to a cathode, or propelled by electrodes into an auxiliary pump or an ion trap.

Ion Pump


a vacuum pump in which the scavenged gas is subjected to intense ionization and the positively charged ions that form are removed by an electric field. Ion pumps create a vacuum of 10-4 newtons per sq m, or 10-6 mm of mercury.

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These synthetic ion transporters, described this week in the journal Nature Chemistry, could point the way to new anticancer drugs while also benefitting patients with cystic fibrosis.
In addition, our most recent study showed that with the disruption of ER function the failure of fluid reabsorption was likely due to de-regulation of gene expression of ion transporters (Lee et al.
2+] exchanger in hypertensive kidneys (Figure 3B), consistent with elevated expression of renal ion transporters in hypertension caused by an over-activated RAS (Rozansky 2006).
The introduction of ion transporters has been successfully used to increase plant salt tolerance (Zhang & Blumwald, 2001), as highlighted in the review on Na homeostasis by Hasegawa (2013).
The team's analysis suggests that the prion gene is descended from the more ancient ZIP family of metal ion transporters.
In addition to drug discovery, the unit is also well suited for studies of ion transporters, which comprise another type of membrane protein involved in transporting ions and other molecules across the lipid membranes of cells.