Iosif Andreevich Ter-Astvatsaturian

Ter-Astvatsaturian, Iosif Andreevich


Born Apr. 19 (May 1), 1886, in Shusha; died July 19,1938, in Yerevan. Soviet hydraulic engineer.

Upon graduating from the St. Petersburg Institute of Railroad Engineers in 1912, Ter-Astvatsaturian worked on construction projects for the Ural’sk-Sol’-Iletsk railroad, a wharf in Saratov, and a number of bridges. He supervised construction of the Shi-rak Irrigation Canal (1922–27) and of the first large hydroelectric power plant in Armenia, situated on the Dzoraget River (1928–33). He also directed a project on the use of the water of Lake Sevan (1931) and was supervisor and chief engineer of the Sevan-Razdan Hydroelectric System.

Ter-Astvatsaturian served on the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. He was awarded the Order of Lenin and two other orders.


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