Iosif Antonovich Goshkevich

Goshkevich, Iosif Antonovich


Born 1814; died Oct. 5, 1875. Russian diplomat and Orientalist.

Goshkevich graduated from the St. Petersburg Theological Academy in 1839. From 1839 to 1848 he was a member of the Russian religious mission in Peking. From 1853 to 1855 he worked as a translator of Chinese in the embassy of E. V. Putiatin in Japan. From 1856 to 1858 he was an official in the Asiatic department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Together with a Japanese, Tatibana, he compiled the first Japanese-Russian dictionary (St. Petersburg, 1857). He was Russia’s first diplomatic representative in Japan (1858–65). He wrote several works on China and Japan and on the particular features of the Japanese and Chinese languages.


O korniakh iaponskogo iazyka. Vil’no, 1899.


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