Iosif Tbileli

Iosif Tbileli


(real surname, Saakadze). Date of birth unknown; died in 1688. Georgian writer. Metropolitan of Tbilisi (from 1662).

Iosif Tbileli is the author of the poem Didmouraviani (The Life of the Great Mourav), which is a biography of his uncle, Georgii Saakadze, a general and statesman of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The poem’s artistic qualities fail to mask the author’s tendentiousness, and its presentation and interpretation of historical events are extremely subjective.


In Russian translation:
Velikii mouravi: Poema XVII veka o Georgii Saakadze. Moscow, 1945.


Leonidze, G. “Iosif Tbileli i ego poema ‘Didmouraviani.’” In Iosif Tbileli, Didmouraviani: Poema o Georgii Saakadze. Tbilisi, 1944.