Iosif Tronskii

Tronskii, Iosif Moiseevich


Born May 16 (28), 1897, in Odessa; died Nov. 3,1970, in Leningrad. Soviet Russian philologist. Doctor of philological sciences (1941).

In 1919, Tronskii graduated from the department of history and philology of Novorossiia University in Odessa. In 1923 he began working in Leningrad. Tronskii hypothesized the development of classical Greek and Roman literatures as two stages of a single historical process based on a peculiar, classical form of property ownership common to both civilizations. Tronskii’s linguistic works trace the history of classical Greek and Latin in close connection with the history of their societies and literatures.


Istoriia antichnoi literatury, 3rd ed. Leningrad, 1957.
Ocherki iz istorii latinskogo iazyka. Moscow-Leningrad, 1953.
Istoricheskaia grammatika latinskogo iazyka. Moscow, 1960.
Obshcheindoevropeiskoe iazykovoeso stoianie. Leningrad, 1967.
Voprosy iazykovogo razvitiia v antichnom obshchestve. Leningrad, 1973.


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