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I/O virtualization

Combining and sharing network and storage channels in a virtualized server environment. I/O virtualization enables Ethernet and disk I/O to use one Ethernet adapter in each server, or two for redundancy. I/O virtualization (IOV) reduces the number of cables connected to each server, which become extremely cumbersome in large datacenters.

The operating system in each virtual machine instance (OS and application) communicates with the adapter directly or via an intermediate layer. See server virtualization and cloud networking.
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Date of birth unknown; died June 19 (29), 1607, at Staritsa, in present-day Kalinin Oblast. First Russian patriach; appointed by Boris Godunov.

In 1588, Godunov succeeded in winning the approval of Jeremiah, the patriarch of Constantinople, for the establishment of a patriarchate in Russia, an act which strengthened the position of the Russian church. In January 1589, a church council in Moscow elected Iov as its first patriarch. After the death of Fedor Ivanovich in 1598, Iov encouraged the election of Boris as tsar. In June 1605, however, he was removed from his office and sent to Uspenskii Monastery in Staritsa by boyars who opposed the Godunovs and supported First False Dmitrii as tsar.

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