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Abbrev. for image photon counting system. A highly sensitive electronic system for detecting and accurately recording single photons of light or ultraviolet radiation; it was developed in 1973 by the British astronomer Alec Boksenberg. It enables very low intensities to be detected and recorded, or allows images to be recorded in a very short time. It is particularly useful for studying spectra. The light is first intensified by a high-gain multistage image tube and then recorded by a special TV camera. The TV signal is fed to and stored in a computer, where extraneous noise can be removed. A sharp and accurately recorded two-dimensional image is thus built up in the computer memory. This can be displayed on a screen, analyzed, or manipulated electronically.
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(Integrated XSeries Server) An IBM System x server that plugs into a Power Systems computer. Running Windows or Linux, the IXS shares disk storage, server management and user administration with its host. The Integrated xSeries Adapter (IXA) attaches up to 60 System x models.

IXS started life in the days of the 486 CPU as the FSIOP (File Server I/O Processor), then IPCS (Integrated PC Server), INS (Integrated Netfinity Server) and subsequently the IXS. See Power Systems and System x.
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It should be noted, however, that to date, most PBPK modeling or other chemical-specific approaches have not incorporated quantitative uncertainty estimates, so use of these approaches in the WHO/ IPCS (2014) framework, although feasible, would need to address that gap.
Though getting ever smaller, IPCs continue to expand their processing performance.
Dr Jamil Ahmad Chitrali, the director of IPCS, said in his welcome address that the basic aim of the conference was to develop research tools for tolerance through focus group discussion.
TNW Wireless is a licensed wireless operator which has the exclusive license for iPCS and its globally filled patent portfolio applications which include cloud-based Smartphone-over-IP technology.
Based on the above theoretical analysis, the structure characteristics of the relationship between IORs and IPCs are identified and the influences on IORs and IPCs can be summarized as follows:
IPCs Industrial PCs began in 1990s with automation companies designing software emulating PLC environment.
IPC president Nobuo Izumina said the sales performance in the first two months of the year reflected the companys "strong product lineup - made up of various vehicles with specific purposes," and which offered "great value for money."
Today, MNCs as well as domestic companies and investors depend on International Property Consultancies (IPCs) to help them identify the right opportunities, analyse the risks, take charge of the overall portfolio and generate optimum returns on investment.
As patentes do GooglePatents foram eliminadas por serem duplicidades ou por nao apresentarem IPCs com as mesmas funcionalidades.
But even at Redbird's Skyport, they now finish IPCs in the actual airplane.
MSCs can be cultured in specially defined conditions and their differentiation extends toward the [beta]-cell phenotype and the development of insulin producing cells (IPCs) [6].