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Together with these audience members -- and accompanied by live music -- a six-member chorus will narrate the tragic story of Iphigenia.
Achilles, the greatest hero of the Greeks, a demigod, learns that Iphigenia has been tricked into coming to the camp under the pretense that she is supposed to marry him.
allusions to Iphigenia in Tauris below, of which there are many, but at
Euripides's Iphigenia among the Taurians therefore serves as an instructive analogue for the sacrificial transgression of the human/animal boundary in Electra.
Alison Findlay's discussion of Lady Jane Lumley's Iphigenia in Aulis certainly demonstrates the advantages of combining traditional scholarship and performance studies approaches.
The Chorus of the Iphigenia at Aulis moves from praising the possession of Aphrodite in moderation (543-5) to women's virtue, which is chastity (569), to Paris and Helen and the look that he gave her, which stirred up her desire (584-5).
Robert Carsen's production of Iphigenia, and Susan Graham in the title role, also brought mostly kudos.
Erasmus's Iphigenia and Hecuba translations (1506) provide a touchstone for examining Buchanan's style, inclusion of political and Biblical allusions, and what Jean-Frederic Chevalier terms a "poetics of borrowing," while remaining controversial as well as renowned.
Iphigenia (127m/1977), The Cherry Orchard (141m/1999) and Sweet Country (143m/1987).
Our director for Burial at Thebes, Marcela Lorca, asked me to write music for a BFA project at the University of Minnesota called Iphigenia at Aulis and out of that grew our collaboration for Burial at Thebes.
Iphigenia in Forest Hills--Anatomy of a Murder Trial By Janet Malcolm
Iphigenia recognizes that she must work out the will of the gods ethically, and that divine will cannot contradict human reason.