Iraq War

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Iraq War:

see under Persian Gulf WarsPersian Gulf Wars,
two conflicts involving Iraq and U.S.-led coalitions in the late 20th and early 21st cent.

The First Persian Gulf War, also known as the Gulf War, Jan.–Feb.
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The case against the Iraq War is a very strong one.
A seven-year inquiry, also known as the Chilcot report, concluded Wednesday with criticism of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's role in the handling of the Iraq War.
However everyone's heart will go out to those who lost loved ones and were injured as a result of the Iraq war.
And Mr Blair said the savaging he gets over the 2003 Iraq War has more to do with the Left's dislike of him winning three elections on the trot.
At the start of the Iraq war in 2003, 53% backed getting rid of Saddam.
It can be revealed that Choudhry had compiled a list of other MPs who voted for the Iraq war.
The Iraq war made Iran the regional power by default.
But how was the Iraq war actually linked to the North Korea problem in policy debate within the Koizumi administration?
If they both think today that the Iraq war was an error and even a catastrophe, they must have thought the same in 2003, but they daren't say so.
Pelletiere, the CIA's lead analyst during the Iran-Iraq War, contends that Donald Rumsfeld's roadmap for achieving a quick victory in the Second Iraq War was based in large part on Israel's 1996 invasion of southern Lebanon and borrowed heavily from Israel's right-wing Likud's strategy for war.
NEW YORK: They conjured box office magic with their "Bourne" spy movies, but Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass risk their reputation as sure-fire hitmakers when the Iraq war thriller "Green Zone" debuts on Friday.
THE Labour Government has imposed a list of protocols on the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry, apparently limiting what the inquiry can reveal to the public.

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