Iris Fest

Iris Fest (Fete de l'Iris )

First weekend of May
Each of the autonomous regions of Belgium observes its own feast day. The Brussels-Capital Region's celebration, called Iris Fest (Fete de l'Iris), is held during the first weekend of May. Feast days in other regions of Belgium include Feast Day of the Flemish Community, Feast Day of the French Community, Feast Day of the German-Speaking Community, and Walloon Regional Day.
Iris Fest is a relatively new festival, as the Brussels-Capital Region only came into existence following the federalization of Belgium in 1989. The festival's main symbol, the iris plant, has been the region's official emblem since 1991.
Many of the weekend's proceedings are held in the city's central square, the Place du Grand Sablon. An established popular act will perform a concert in the square on Saturday, and live jazz concerts are held on Sunday.
On Sunday, the more event-filled of the two days, the Brussels Parliament opens its doors to the public for tours and classical music performances. For La rue en fÉte, a colorful festival event held throughout Brussels' streets, people gather for parades, theater, and games for kids.
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