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Abbey Theatre,

Irish theatrical company devoted primarily to indigenous drama. W. B. Yeats was a leader in founding (1902) the Irish National Theatre Society with Lady Gregory, J. M. Synge, and A. E. (George Russell) contributing their talents as directors and dramatists. In 1904, Annie Horniman gave them a subsidy and the free use of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The theater was bought for them by public subscription in 1910. Among dramatists whose works the Abbey Theatre first presented are Padraic Colum, Lennox Robinson, Sean O'Casey, and Paul Vincent Carroll. The theater is now in a new building constructed in 1966. In close association with Irish dramatists, the Abbey also has been an important instrument in the revival of Irish drama that began in the 1960s.


See Lady Gregory, Our Irish Theatre (1913), and her journals (ed. by L. Robinson, 1946); H. Hunt, The Abbey: Ireland's National Theatre, 1904–1978 (1979); P. Kavanagh, Story of the Abbey Theatre (1984); R. Welch, The Abbey Theatre, 1899–1999 (1999).

Abbey Theatre

home of famed Irish theatrical company. [Irish Hist.: NCE, 3]
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8) For them, as for most of the playwrights of the Irish National Theatre Society, nationalism was not a political notion but a cultural focus rooted in the revival of "an ancient idealism"--an imaginative sensibility, as it were, dedicated to the discovery of a sincere national identity.
The Irish National Theatre Society created a unitary notion of Irish identity.
Fay's Irish National Dramatic Society in April 1902 showed the way for the setting up of the Irish National Theatre Society (INTS) with Yeats as its President later that year, at last giving the movement an Irish acting company and eventually, in 1904, its own theatre at the Abbey.
Other topics that preoccupied Yeats during the period were the Maud Gonne-Major MacBride divorce case (1905), the aftermath of the Shadow controversy (1905), the Abbey players' Scottish and English tours (summer 1906), the secession of some of the actors and writers from the original Irish National Theatre Society to form the rival Theatre of Ireland company (1906), the controversy over the Lane pictures, and the protracted correspondence with Miss Horniman over her growing disenchantment with the Irish players (passim).
His verse play, Deirdre (1906), was one of the early productions of the Irish National Theatre Society at the Abbey Theatre.
THE ABBEY THEATRE CELEBRATES ITS CENTENARY IN 2004, and because of its longevity, occasional artistic successes, and enduring subsidies, this main stage of the Irish National Theatre Society, Ltd.
When the Irish National Theatre Society printed its goal to produce Irish plays of high ambition, Arthur Griffin quite reasonably replied in the United Irishman that "Yeats does not give any reason why if the Irish National Theatre has now no propaganda save that of good art it should continue to call itself either National or Irish.
The movement itself had two major developments: the activities of the Gaelic League, an organization founded in 1893 by Douglas Hyde to restore Gaelic as the official language of Ireland; and the formation of the Irish National Theatre Society in 1901, out of which grew the famous Abbey Theatre Company.

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