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Irish literature:

see Gaelic literatureGaelic literature,
literature in the native tongue of Ireland and Scotland. Since Scots Gaelic became separate from Irish Gaelic only in the 17th cent., the literature is conventionally divided into Old Irish (before 900), Middle Irish (until 1350), Late Middle or Early Modern
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Next in this chapter, the generational impulse which drives authors to remodel childhood in fiction is sinuously linked to a proliferation of childhood stories in Irish literature in which an 'obsession with identity, related to their history' (p.
He was granted the honor of professor emeritus and will be fondly remembered for serving as co-founder of their Irish Literature Department.
In Irish and Postcolonial Writing the eleven contributing essayists look at the effect of Ireland's role as a British 'colony' on Irish literature.
Not every Irishman is as misanthropic as Kennelly, thank heaven, or the best Irish literature would not have attracted the world audience which it deservedly enjoys--to which, sadly, Kennelly has contributed little.
The event, which would take place in March next year to coincide with St Patrick's Day, would be a celebration of Irish literature, history, drama, poetry and music.
Just reading the lengthy first entry on the Abbey Theatre brings up some of the most famous names in Irish literature - William Butler Yeats, Lady Gregory, Oscar Wilde, J.
Drawing on a lifetime's knowledge of Irish literature, editor Mainchin Seoighe has produced "The Irish Quotation Book" ($4.
Further signs of this anthology's challenge to traditional ideas of Irish literature are seen in its liberal representation of women poets from the North.
Part of series providing biographical information, sample texts, and analysis of literary figures from a wide variety of traditions and genres, this volume on Irish literature provides synapses and foundational materials for the study of Anglo-Irish writers of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.
Ciaran Ross (editor), Sub-Versions: Trans-National Readings of Modern Irish Literature (Amanda Tucker)
3 ASPECTS Irish Literature Festival, North Down Museum, Bangor, September 23 to 27.
Bernard's Central Catholic High School; a 1990 graduate of Middlebury College, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English; a 1994 graduate of Boston College, earning a Master of Arts Degree in Irish Literature and Culture and was a 2002 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, earning a Master of Business Degree from the college's Isenberg School of Business Management.

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