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Memorial contributions may be made to the Canine Health Foundation and/or Genetic Concerns in care of the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America.
The late, great dog writer Dave Duffey nailed it when he said, 'Think of the Airedale as a cross between a Chesapeake Bay retriever and an Irish water spaniel and train accordingly.
Liz Waters with Ego, the Irish Water Spaniel Photosales No.
DOUBLE THE CLASS On March 1, 2011 , AKC allowed Irish water spaniels (IWS), a breed classified as a retriever, to crossover into spaniel hunting tests.
Beannaithe" (Blessed) is how the old Gaelic hunters in Ireland viewed the Shannon spaniel that later became known as the Irish water spaniel.
The Irish water spaniel was developed by Justin McCarthy in Dublin.
In the second period, from 1920 to today, American waterfowlers came to rely more and more on five British breeds: Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, flat-coat retrievers, curly-coat retrievers and Irish water spaniel.

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