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Fe2SiO4 A brown to black mineral of the olivine group, consisting of iron silicate and found either massive or in crystals; specific gravity is 4.1.



a mineral of the olivine group; the final member of the forsterite-fayalite solid-solution series. Fayalite has the chemical composition Fe2[SiO4], and it contains up to 10 percent of the forsterite component. It is found with acidic and alkalic rocks, metamorphosed iron-rich sediments, pegmatites, and other rocks. Fayalite is also detected in industrial slags.

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Iron Silicate rather than iron oxide gives a mosre reliable blue outcome.
Once formed, FeO can react with silica to form iron silicate or fayalite.
This would fuse the charge to produce a copper-iron molten sulphide "matte" covered by a molten iron silicate slag.
The newly christened bridgmanite, named for high-pressure physicist Percy Bridgman, is a high-density form of magnesium iron silicate and makes up about 38 percent of Earth's volume.
2] combine to form a fluid slag that easily penetrates the molding media, resulting in an iron oxide iron silicate phase on the casting surface.
This iron silicate slag, sometimes containing small amounts of MnO, was found to be intrinsic to white iron at temperatures below 2530-2600F.
The closing chapters share laboratory techniques for characterizing grain optical properties, the infrared spectra of amorphous silicates and crystalline silicates, and the gas-phase condensation of magnesium iron silicates, carbon grains, and other cosmic dust grains.