Irreducible Polynomial

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irreducible polynomial

[‚ir·ə′dü·sə·bəl ‚päl·ə′nō·mē·əl]
A polynomial is irreducible over a field K if it cannot be written as the product of two polynomials of lesser degree whose coefficients come from K. Also known as irreducible function.

Irreducible Polynomial


a polynomial that cannot be factored into factors of lower degree. The possibility of factoring a polynomial into factors and the irreducibility property depend on the numbers that can be coefficients of the polynomial. Thus, the polynomial x3 + 2 is irreducible if only rational numbers are admitted as coefficients; but it is factored into the product of two irreducible polynomials

if any real numbers can be taken as the coefficients and into the product of three factors

if complex numbers are the coefficients. In the general case, the concept of irreducibility is defined for polynomials with coefficients belonging to an arbitrary field. A polynomial with rational coefficients that cannot be factored into factors of lower degree with rational coefficients is often called an irreducible polynomial.


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Mix Columns: This is a substitution that makes use of arithmetic over GF (28), with the irreducible polynomial m(x) = x8 + x4 + x3 + x +1.
Let [alpha] be a root of an irreducible polynomial g(x) of degree n over GF(2).
As a rule linear automaton follows the structure of an irreducible polynomial p(x) of degree m= deg p(x).
v]), where K is a finite field, p(X) [member of] K[X] is an irreducible polynomial, v = 1 2, and to the algebra of formal power series L[[Z]], where [L.
Let x be a root of the polynomial, then the irreducible polynomial G is represented as a following equation.
Among the topics are experimental computation with oscillatory integrals, expressions for harmonic number exponential generating functions, a new algorithm, for the recursion of hyper-geometric multi-sums with improved universal denominator, an algorithmic approach to the Mellin transform method, the distance to an irreducible polynomial, towards an automation of the circle method, and experimentation at the frontiers of reality in Schubert calculus.
2] + 1 be the irreducible polynomial defining GF([2.
n] into classes of elements sharing the same irreducible polynomial over Q(i).
In conclusion, for the LFSR to generate a pseudorandom number sequence with maximum period, the polynomial which forms the "tap" sequence must be an irreducible polynomial modulo 2, with degree equal to the length of the register.
Let p is a non-constant irreducible polynomial, we write f in the form:
y](u)) into F(x, y) is an irreducible polynomial of degree 40 whose leading term is
3) F' is the splitting field of an irreducible polynomial of the form (1), for some u [member of] F.