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Hind's Variable Nebula is usually visible as two or three faint arcs of nebulosity about 40" west or southwest of the irregular variable star, T Tauri, which varies erratically between magnitude 9 and 13.
Antares is a red supergiant thought to be approximately 900 times the size of the Sun, and is a slow irregular variable.
It is an irregular variable that varies from 2nd to 3rd magnitudes with no set period.
But perhaps the most important potential impact on astronomy is that it may convince observers that useful information can be extracted from the observations of irregular variable stars and that these stars thus deserve more attention than they have been getting," the team adds.
This carbon star is an irregular variable that slowly fluctuates between magnitude 4.
In 1908 the programme consisted of 5 Algol, 9 short-period, 27 long-period and 9 irregular variable stars.
A slightly irregular variable, it's a classic runaway star, fleeing at 200 kilometers per second from Mu Columbae, its one-time mate, which now lies more than 70[degrees] to the south.
A subtle cometlike patch of nebulosity, C68 is lit by the irregular variable star R Coronae Australis.
9 in 7 or 8 months; and Mu (|mu~), an irregular variable that slowly quivers between 2.
Most "carbon stars" are long-period or slow irregular variables, and these tend to be reddest when near minimum light.
Among these are some irregular variables that the Hipparcos data hint may be semiregulars.