Irwin Shaw

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Shaw, Irwin


Born Feb. 27, 1913, in New York City. American writer.

Shaw graduated from Brooklyn College in 1934. His first play, Bury the Dead (1936), is notable for its sharp antiwar leanings. The play The Gentle People: A Brooklyn Fable (1939; Russian translation, 1965) sounded a warning to America about violence and gangsterism. Shaw’s novel The Young Lions (1948; Russian translation, 1962) is among the best works about World War II; scenes of fascist barbarism alternate with realistic sketches of tyranny and discrimination in the US Army. In his sharply social novels, Shaw emphasizes the problem of preserving moral values and dwells on the spiritual strivings of the heroes (The Troubled Air, 1950; Evening in Byzantium, 1973; Russian translation, 1975). Shaw has also written collections of short stories, the publicist work In the Company of Dolphins (1964), and screenplays.


Lucy Crown. New York, 1956.
Two Weeks in Another Town. New York, 1959.
Love on a Dark Street. New York, 1965.
Nightwork. London, 1975.
In Russian translation:
Solnechnye berega reki Lety. [Moscow, 1969.]


Mersand, J. Traditions in American Literature. Port Washington, N.Y., 1968.
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It was based on the Irwin Shaw bestselling novel and starred Nick Nolte, Peter Strauss, and Susan Blakely.
Directed by Robert Parrish and written by Irwin Shaw for their Casanna Production Company, it yokes together two of Shaw's short stories: "A Year to Learn the Language" and "In the French Style.
In the autumn of 1972 I was living in Paris, and William Buckley suggested I interview expatriate American writers like James Jones and Irwin Shaw for National Review.
Bailey has clearly mined Cheever's personal journals and other sources for intimate knowledge of his bisexuality, his strained relations with his children, his prodigious drinking problem, his precarious finances, his marital discord, his male and female lovers, his travels abroad, and his relations with contemporary writers, such as Irwin Shaw, John Updike, John O'Hara, J.
During his war service with the Marine Corps in the Pacific, Vertel befriended Irwin Shaw and together they wrote the Play, The Survivors.
As a result, he had taken a serious interest in the novelized histories of writers such as John Dos Passos, Irwin Shaw, Gore Vidal, E.
As The New Yorker persevered through the Depression, it steadily attracted a generation of younger authors, including Irwin Shaw, Jean Stafford, and, by 1941, J.
But what I found compelling for you, since I know your interests better than you know yourself, were the years Salter spent after completing his tour of duty, or whatever you call it, in Paris, getting to 'know his mentor, Irwin Shaw, about whom Salter writes well but sparingly.
Herman Wouk, James Jones, Irwin Shaw, Norman Mailer wrote, and imagined, great novels about war and the army from experience.
Past winners of the Prix Litteraire de Deauville include Norman Mailer and Irwin Shaw.
There are three chapters on the American black writers Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and Chester Himes, two on Anglophone publications in Paris - one on little mags and Girodias and his Olympia Press, the other on the Paris Review - two chapters on writers inspired by French writing - one on Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the other on Harry Mathews and John Ashbery - a chapter on mainstream writers Irwin Shaw and James Jones in Paris, and a chapter on Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in the Beat Hotel.
reservations expressed above by Irwin Shaw, it also echoes Robin