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1846–1921, princess imperial of Brazil; eldest daughter of Pedro IIPedro II
(Dom Pedro II de Alcântara), 1825–91, emperor of Brazil (1831–89). At the age of five, he succeeded under a regency when his father, Pedro I, abdicated. He was declared of age in 1840.
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. She acted as regent in her father's absence. Her marriage to the comte d'Eu added to her own unpopularity and probably contributed to the growing republican sentiment of her time. Along with her father, she is remembered for her espousal of the cause of emancipation. On May 13, 1888, she signed the law abolishing slavery, which alienated the large landholders and precipitated the downfall of the empire. When Pedro II was deposed and exiled (1889), Isabel followed him to Paris with her family and spent the remainder of her life there.


See C. H. Haring, Empire in Brazil (1958).

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