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(also Isafjardardjúp), a bay on the Atlantic, cutting into the northwestern coast of Iceland for a distance of 74 km.

The bay is 22 km wide at the entrance, and its depth ranges from 20 to 91 m, reaching 128 m in the central part. The bay’s rocky and rugged shoreline is dissected by many lateral fjords. It has semidiurnal tides, rising to a height of 3 m. From October through June the bay is covered with floe ice brought by currents. The city of Isafjordur lies on the southern shore of the bay.

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The authors of this article have gathered most of the data for this case study while being directly involved in a cultural exchange sponsored by the EEA, which occurred in Isafjordur (Iceland) on 4-6 April 2016, at the Edinborg Cultural Center, while representing the European Foundation for Urban Culture of Cluj-Napoca.
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Boudicca continues on to Isafjordur, where guests can find out about the life and history of the settlement in the Maritime Museum, or experience a 19th century fishing station at the Osvor Museum.
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