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For permanent urethrostomy a 8 cm skin incision was created on the perineal raphe starting about 7-8 cm below the anus, ending at the level of the ischiatic arch.
Key words: Alces alces, anatomy, moose, pelvis, Isle Royale, sex, tuberosity, ungulate, ischiatic arch.
revealed that the penile artery divided into the deep artery of the penis at the level of the ischiatic arch [10].
These characters include: 1) large pubic peduncle of the ilium, longer than wide and much longer than the ischiatic peduncle; 2) obturator process of the ischium large, tapering and projected cranially to the level of the puboischiatic contact; 3) presence of a small notch that separates the caudodistal margin of the obturator process from the ischiatic shaft; 4) pubis with a large distal boot, which presents a well developed cranial and caudal expansion; and 5) moderately high ascending process of the astragalus (Perez-Moreno et al.
Pelvic bone elongated, straight, pointed, and running parallel to belly; ischiatic process short, with one small pointed apophyses.
The electrodes were placed at a 50% imaginary line between the ischiatic tuberosity and the medial condyle of the tibia.
SUMMARY: The ischiatic artery classically described as a branch of the inferior gluteal artery, is a long and thin vessel that is related to the ischiatic nerve.
Left leg paresis, presumably due to compression of the kidney and ischiatic nerve roots secondary to the distended ventriculus, reported in the gyrfalcon was not observed in any of the raptors in this report.
Origin and distribution of the ischiatic nerves in goats of the Saanen breed.