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an urban-type settlement in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR.

Iset’ is the site of a railroad station located 20 km northwest of Sverdlovsk. It has plants turning out reinforced-concrete bridge structures and crushed stone and has a granite quarry.



a river in Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, and Tiumen’ oblasts, RSFSR; a left-hand tributary of the Tobol.

The Iset’, 606 km long and draining an area of 58,900 sq km, rises out of the Iset’ Reservoir northwest of Sverdlovsk. In its upper reaches it flows through several ponds (Verkh-Iset’ and others) and reservoirs. In certain sections it is full of rapids. The river flows in a broad valley through the Western Siberian Plain. It is fed by a variety of sources. At the village of Isetskoe (105 km from its mouth) the mean annual flow rate is 65.4 cu m per sec. The Iset’ freezes over in November; the ice breaks up again in April. Its main tributaries are the Miass, Techa, and Sinara (right bank). To increase the volume of water in the Iset’ in order to improve Sverdlovsk’s water supply, water is being transferred to Verkh-Iset’ Pond from the Volchikha Reservoir on the Chusovia River via a 6 km canal and the Reshetka River. The Iset’ is navigable beginning at the city of Shadrinsk. The cities of Sverdlovsk, Kamensk-Ural’skii, Kataisk, Dalmatovo, and Shadrinsk are located along the Iset’.