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see Tristram and IsoldeTristram and Isolde
, medieval romance. The earliest extant version (incomplete) was written (c.1185) by Thomas of Britain in Anglo-Norman French verse. About 1210, Gottfried von Strassburg wrote in German verse a version based on that of Thomas.
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Iseult (Yseult, Isolde) of Ireland

arriving too late to save Tristram (Tristan) from death, she kills herself. [Medieval Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 913]
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Troubled to the point of psychosomatic collapse, Yeats delayed their departure on honeymoon for two days, and spent the first week of the marriage wracked by guilt and remorse, feeling he had betrayed both Iseult Gonne and his new bride.
Iseult says while it's hard work t o get in and out of so many costumes, it's a thrill to perform a play that - described as 'Blind Date meets Tipping The Velvet' - explores the dark underbelly of the dating world.
Denis de Rougemont, discussing the paradigmatic love of Tristan and Iseult, writes, "What they love is love and being in love....
Morey, "The `Cultour' in The Miller's Tale: Alison as Iseult," Chaucer Review 29 (1995): 373-74.
The 'most bitter wrong' that Sean MacBride did to one near Yeats's heart turns out to be the sexual molestation of Gonne's eleven-year-old daughter Iseult (plaster saints indeed).
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Eva's teacher, Iseult Arble, a would-be novelist, broods on the energy, fertility and mythic power of the Dickens universe:
The child died at the age of 2; two years later, Gonne descended into the crypt with Millevoye and there, in a bizarre attempt at reincarnation, they conceived another child, a daughter named Iseult. The virginal Yeats knew nothing for many years about Gonne's entanglements and tirelessly proposed marriage to her.
The earliest, "Apropos de Tristan et Iseult de Richard Wagner" (1900) conveys some of the naive admiration many French still held for the German composer at the turn of the century, while "Wagner et nos musiciens" (1909), "Quelles consequences aura la Guerre pour l'Art Musical en France?" (1915), and "Avant, pendant et apres" (1917) all project the attitude of well-considered contempt which eventually prevailed.
The Celtic legend of Tristan and Iseult (TRISTAN AND Isolde) reached Germany through French sources.