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see Tristram and IsoldeTristram and Isolde
, medieval romance. The earliest extant version (incomplete) was written (c.1185) by Thomas of Britain in Anglo-Norman French verse. About 1210, Gottfried von Strassburg wrote in German verse a version based on that of Thomas.
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Iseult (Yseult, Isolde) of Ireland

arriving too late to save Tristram (Tristan) from death, she kills herself. [Medieval Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 913]
See: Suicide
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10) Historical personages such as Maud and Iseult Gonne, AE, Yeats, and Liam O'Flaherty are little more than vague spectral presences in H's psychodrama.
Iseult Honohan argues that the idea "that citizens need to be concerned with the common good and to take some personal responsibility for realising it is one of the longest-standing themes of civic republicanism, which flows from understanding citizens as engaged in a political community" (2002, 145).
Then there's a short pre-leader's speech interview with a Conservative councillor called Iseult.
Most of the second half of the book is devoted to two long chapters on place and space in various versions of the legend of Tristan and Iseult (Eilart yon Oberg and Gottfried von Strassburg in German; Beroul and Thomas in French; 179-284).
To register for this event, contact Doug or Iseult at 888-206-3009.
And Gabriel and Evangeline, the unfortunate Tristan and Iseult of Acadia?
Neolithic artifacts, Sumerian and Egyptian goddesses, the Greek pantheon, the Iliad and Odyssey, the Virgin Mary, and the story of Tristan and Iseult are analyzed.
For a primer on civic republicanism, see Iseult Honohan, Civic Republicanism (2002).
This place is in my blood, it's me," says Iseult Richardson, 84, the daughter of Charles Macaskie who founded Spielplatz in 1929.
After several rejections, he asked her 22-year-old daughter Iseult but was turned down once again.