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a city (until 1963, a settlement), the center of Esil’ Raion, Turgai Oblast, Kazakh SSR.

Esil’ is located on the right bank of the Ishim River. It is a railway junction for the lines to Tselinograd, Kartaly, and Arkalyk. Population, 15,000(1970). EsiF has a building-materials and structures combine and a brewery.

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At the time, government leaders envisioned these changes as complete metamorphoses, highlighted by the large factories in the Khruschev years and the breathtaking development of upscale housing and modernist landmarks in the new Left Bank neighborhood (referring to its place along the Ishim River away from the traditional city center).
Syganak Street on the left bank of the Ishim river.
In 1997 Kisho Kurokawa, probably the most representative Japanese Metabolist, won the competition for the new capital, with a masterplan that concentrated all the institutions on a monumental axis on the left bank of the Ishim River.
If the new developments on the left bank of the Ishim River are the place where most of the economic and intellectual energies were and are focused, the old down-town, where government was temporarily settled in 1997, has been quickly renewed, and with an operation of cheap make-up "Astana's urban planners have concealed Khrushchev's pre-fabricated concrete high-rises behind white facades, creating space for pubs and nightclubs on their ground floors" (Neef 2006).