Ishimova, Aleksandra

Ishimova, Aleksandra Osipovna


Born Dec. 25, 1804 (Jan. 6, 1805), in Kostroma; died June 4 (16), 1881, in St. Petersburg. Russian writer.

Ishimova’s work was first published in 1831. Her short stories for children are for the most part adaptations of historical works, including those of N. M. Karamzin. The revolutionary democrats thought highly of her literary craftsmanship. Nevertheless, N. A. Dobroliubov deplored the religious and monarchical tendencies of the children’s journals she published, Zvezdochka (Little Star) and Luchi (Rays).


Istoriia Rossii v rasskazakh dlia detei, parts 1–6. St. Petersburg, 1837–40.


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