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(Arabic, literally “radiance”) a term in medieval Muslim philosophy signifying intuitive attainment of truth through the “illumination” of a soul freed from ties with the material world. The doctrine of ishraq, which synthesizes ideas of Zoroastrianism and Neoplatonism, was regarded in the medieval Islamic world as a typically eastern doctrine and was contrasted to the western (Aristotelian) theory of knowledge based upon a discursive (conceptual) method of thought. The concept of ishraq shared the Neoplatonic idea of the world and its existence, movement, and beauty as an emanation of divine light. A detailed exposition of the philosophy of ishraq is contained in a treatise of the same name by the medieval Middle Eastern thinker Shihab al-Din Suhravardi (12th century).


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Moon-sighting was started, he says in the latest edition of monthly Ishraq, to determine the number of days in a month.
Her friend, Ishraq al-Maqtari--who was with her when she died--said, "Reham was martyred on the eighth of last February, with a shell from the eastern front in the area of Al-Karifat.
Hassan Amin Jarrar, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, praised the Bank's positive financial results in 2018, which has reflected the success of the Bank's "Ishraq - Back to Basics" strategy, in the last year, which achieved the desired objectives of the Bank at all levels.
Its major interests include the American Hospital Dubai and its affiliated clinics under the pharmaceuticals and health care division; the Ramada Jumeirah Hotel, Crown Plaza Deira and Ishraq Dubai as its hospitality assets, and multiple residential and commercial buildings within the real estate division.
The key business pillars the group will focus on include the major subsidiaries the group has in each sector which include Unimed; Monrol, and the American Hospital Dubai and its affiliated clinics under Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: The Ramada Jumeirah Hotel; Crown Plaza Deira, Ishraq Dubai and the new Dubai South offering, Starbridge Suites and The Holiday Inn under Hospitality and Tourism.
As a new year's resolution, let us keep the city green and clean," Greenzie founder Ishraq Al-Haddad told Arab News.
Ishraq Mohammed Ubaid, Head of Economic Affairs at the Saudi Embassy, stressed that The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes in the role of women and.
The route will start from Al Mabaila station, passing through Al Sharadi, Al Seeb Police Station, Al Seeb Market, Al Adiyat Street, Al Rawda roundabout, Al Nakhil street, Al Hail North, Al Ishraq Roundabout, Al Mawalih North, Tameer Street, South Mawalih Market, Mawalih Market, Burj Al Sahwa and Al Mawalih.
Echoing her words is a clutch of youngsters from Manzil: Mohammed Ishraq, Sara Hanafy and Madhushi, all with Down Syndrome, Fuad Wais (autism) and Fatima (developmental delay).
Explaining that the launch was in line with the bank's Ishraq strategy, BisB chief executive Hassan Jarrar said, "The inauguration of the lab stems from the need to create an innovative work environment that inspires creativity, thinking outside the box and brainstorming new ideas.
The Board revealed their continued satisfaction with implementation of the Bank's strategy "Ishraq - Back to Basics" whilst streamlining their operations, resulting in a positive result achieved enabling the Bank to enjoy a comfortable financial position.span style="font-family: Times New Roman;"