Isidor Frikh-Khar

Frikh-Khar, Isidor Grigor’evich


Born Apr. 5 (17), 1893, in Kutaisi. Soviet self-taught sculptor. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1969).

A master of ceramic sculpture, Frikh-Khar has also worked in wood, stone, bronze, and glass. His most original works are in faïence and majolica. Their somewhat naïve simplicity of form and their bright and decorative coloristic solutions are close to the traditions of folk art. Examples of Frikh-Khar’s work are Funeral of a Comrade (wood, 1927, Tret’iakov Gallery), Vania Favorskii (faïence, 1934, Tret’iakov Gallery), Holiday on an Azerbaijani Kolkhoz (majolica, 1936, Tret’iakov Gallery), and Little Boy With an Apple (bronze, 1956). Fountains by Frikh-Khar include Little Boy With Doves (faïence, 1938), Aquarium (marble, 1956), and Chamber (crystal, 1962).


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