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Bill Vibbert, the superintendent of Island Beach State Park, points out that zoning has been used to protect natural resources, but usually is applied on land, not at sea.
Erosion also has degraded dunes and eliminated a wide section of beach and dune habitat along the southern margin of Island Beach State Park. Substantial erosion near Barnegat Lighthouse has deepened the south channel floor abutting the shoreline to [greater than]20 m.
Located along the southwest margin of the Island Beach State Park, the Sedge Islands consist of approximately 290 ha of tidal marshes, 114 ha of intertidal and subtidal habitat, and 14 ha of beaches and dunes.
The sculpture comes after pictures of the former presidential candidate were snapped that showed him lounging on the empty Island Beach State Park on July 4th weekend.
Christie was caught by a photographer on Island Beach State Park over the weekend during a three-day government shutdown over a dispute over the budget between the governor and the Democratically controlled State Assembly.
One of the closed attractions that people couldn't get to was Island Beach State Park, unless of course, you were part of the Christie family.
Some of these beaches and state parks are a popular vacation spot to celebrate the July 4th weekend, including Island Beach State Park.