Isle of Ely

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Ely, Isle of,

region, Cambridgeshire, E central England. ElyEly,
town (1991 pop. 9,006), Cambridgeshire, E central England. It is a market town for the surrounding rich farming area and has food-processing industries. Tourism is also important. Secluded in the Fens, it was the site of the last serious resistance to William I in 1071.
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 is the chief town. The region has extensive fens, drained and devoted to the cultivation of sugar beets and vegetables. Pigs and poultry are raised. The name Isle comes from the high ground amid the fens; Ely supposedly refers to the eels formerly in the waters.
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He became Liberal MP for the Isle of Ely in 1973, holding the seat for 10 years.
Which political party was represented by Clement Freud when he became the MP for the Isle of Ely in 1973?
Two lovely black eyes for Mr Heath and the Tories, this was the verdict of the voters in the rural Conservative strongholds of Ripon and Isle of Ely.
Which English nobleman, based in the Isle of Ely, led an unsuccessful rebellion against William the Conqueror in 1070?
He was based on the Isle of Ely as he opposed William the Conqueror.
He embarked on a political career in 1973, when he upset the odds to win the Isle of Ely constituency for the Liberals, remaining in Parliament until 1987.
His political career began in 1973, when he won the Isle of Ely constituency for the Liberals.
Upon her husband's death she withdrew to the Isle of Ely to live a life of prayer and continence but, five years later, her relatives convinced her to leave Ely and marry Ecgfrith, king of Northumbria and patron of the monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow, which, of course, brought AEthelthryth to the attention of the Venerable Bede.
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IWAS born into a family of harness makers in the Fenland village of Littleport, part of the Isle of Ely. Life was quiet with the only excitement coming from the occasional Saturday hop in Fenland village halls and a love of horses and dogs.
Freud also entered politics in 1973, when he won the Isle of Ely constituency for the Liberals.