Isles of the Blest

Isles of the Blest:

see Fortunate IslesFortunate Isles
or Isles of the Blest,
in classical and Celtic legend, islands in the Western Ocean. There the souls of favored mortals were received by the gods and lived happily in a paradise.
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Equally striking was an etching by Lettice Sandford titled 'The Isles of the Blest' which fetched a hammer price of PS740.
It is narrated by two different teenagers, Roddy, who inhabits the Isles of the Blest - an Arthurian type world of magic and pagentry - and Nick, an ordinary teenager from the world we live in.
[Anaximander A11, 21], the Pythagoreans ask, 'What are the Isles of the Blest?' and are satisfied with the answer, 'sun and moon'" (186).