Ismail Osman Ogly Osmanly

Osmanly, Ismail Osman Ogly


Born Apr. 11 (24), 1902, in Nukha (present-day Sheki); died June 23, 1978, in Baku. Soviet Azerbaijani actor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1974).

Osmanly began performing with amateur theater groups in 1922. He joined the M. Azizbekov Dramatic Theater of Azerbaijan in 1929. His roles included Bakhadurbek in Dzhabarly’s In 1905, Meshadi in Mamedkulizade’s Corpses, Isidor Chakeli in Dumbadze’s Don’t Be Afraid, Mama!, Khalil in Rakhman’s Ali Kuli Is Getting Married, Shekarlinskii in Ibragimov’s The Bumpkin, Perchikhin in Gorky’s Smug Citizens, and Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello. He also appeared in motion pictures.

Osmanly was awarded two orders and various medals.