Ismail Samani

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Ismail Samani


Emir (874–907) of the Samanid dynasty, founder of a feudal state in Middle Asia.

In 874, Ismail Samani became the vicegerent of Bukhara. He became the personal ruler of Ma Wara an-Nahr in 888. In 900, routing the Iranian forces, he annexed provinces taken from eastern Iran. Ismail Samani consolidated central authority by suppressing the resistance of the recalcitrant feudal lords. Ismail Samani’s mausoleum in Bukhara is an outstanding architectural monument.


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24 The highest peak in Russia is now called Ismail Samani Peak - but what was it called between 1962 and 1998?
In 1962, it was changed to Pik Kommunizma, and in 1998 to its current name, Pik Imeni Ismail Samani.
The tenth-century tomb of Ismail Samani, for example, was discovered 60 years ago under two metres of sediment.