Ismet Inönü

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İnönü, İsmet


Born Sept. 24, 1884, in Izmir; died Dec. 25, 1973, in Ankara. Turkish politician and statesman. Son of a judge; military man by education and profession.

In 1920, İnönü joined the Kemal revolution and soon became one of the closest comrades-in-arms of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He was chief of the general staff and commander of the Western Front. In January and March of 1921, Turkish troops under the command of İnönü (then İsmet Pașsa) won victories over Greek interventionists near the village of İnönü. In 1934, when surnames were introduced in Turkey, he received the name İnönü in honor of the victories.

After the Mudanya Armistice in 1922, he was appointed minister of foreign affairs and head of the Turkish delegation to the Lausanne Conference (1922–23). He was premier from Oct. 30, 1923, to Nov. 1,1937 (with a hiatus from Nov. 20, 1924, to Mar. 3, 1925). In 1932 he visited the USSR.

After the death of Atatiirk (Nov. 10, 1938), İnönü was chosen chairman of the ruling Republican People’s Party (RPP) and president of the republic. He remained in the post until May 1950, after which, as a result of the party’s defeat in parliamentary elections, he headed the opposition in the majlis. From October 1961 to February 1965 he was premier and then again leader of the opposition. On May 8, 1972, he left the post of chairman of the RPP.


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Johnson sent a letter to then-Turkish Prime Minister Ismet Inonu saying that, if the Soviet Union attacks Turkey, its NATO allies may not come to their aid.
He is the first president to lead a party since Ismet Inonu, who succeeded modern Turkey's founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and was head of state until 1950.
3 million Turks are eligible to vote on sweeping changes to the president's role which, if accepted, would grant Erdogan more power than any Turkish leader since its founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his successor Ismet Inonu.
Faced with various internal and external dynamics such as the emergence of a bipolar global system after the war and the wearing out of single party rule under the economic fatigue of the war years, President ismet Inonu heralded the transition to multi-party life.
Pakistan a target of unjustified attack- Ismet Inonu: Mr Ismet Inonu, Turkey's leader of opposition, said his party believes that Pakistan was the target of an unjustified aggression.
Yazarlar bu konuda onemli bir tespitte de bulunuyorlar; Birinci Dunya Savasi deneyimine sahip Ismet Inonu ve Maresal Fevzi Cakmak'in "Ustun deniz gucune sahip olanlar yeni bir dunya savasinin galipleri olacaktir," ongorusunun bu kararin sekillenmesinde buyuk rol oynamistir (sayfa 655).
On the other hand, Nashashibi told a story about his uncle by marriage, Ismet Inonu the second President of Turkey.
TD originally stated that the protest aimed to save several hundred trees at Gezi Park and halt an urban development project to rebuild the historic Ottoman barracks that the despotic ismet Inonu regime demolished in the 1940s.
About 11,600 people were exiled to other regions across Turkey, Erdogan said, citing another official document signed by Ismet Inonu, then leader of the CHP and Turkey's second president after Ataturk died in 1938.
Historical documents indicate that some mosques were used as stable or arms depot during the rule of Ismet Inonu, many of them were demolished, and many others were sold.
The memorial tomb is also the final resting place of Ismet Inonu, the second President of Turkey, who was buried here after he died in 1973.
The sailing competition had earlier taken place under the auspices of previous Turkish presidents Ismet Inonu, Celal Bayar, Fahri Koruturk and Turgut Ozal.