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(organic chemistry)
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isobutylene, the unsaturated hydrocarbon (CH3)2C=CH2, a colorless gas. Boiling point, — 6.9°C; density, 0.6266 g/cm3 (at -6.6°C); Isobutene 1.3814. Isobutene is made industrially by dehydrogenating isobutane over oxide catalysts (forexample, Cr203 on A1203) at 500°-600°C or by dehydrating isobutyl alcohol. The ability of isobutene to polymerize and copolymerize is used in industry in making polyisobutene and butyl rubber. Isobutene is also used to alkylate aromatic compounds and isobutane in making isooctane.

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The global isobutene market demand was estimated at 11.59 million tons in 2015 and is expected to reach 16.23 million tons by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2016 to 2024
"Renewable isobutene is a widely-used building block for cosmetic applications and we are excited by the opportunities it presents for new bio-based ingredients to address the needs of niche markets.
Devillers, "Evaluation of the role played by bismuth molybdates in [Bi.sub.2][Sn.sub.7][O.sub.7]-Mo[O.sub.3] catalysts used for partial oxidation of isobutene to methacrolein," Applied Catalysis A: General, vol.
In this context, it is possible to note that South Africa coal presents a maximum value of gas emission at about 600[degrees]C, while Sulcis coal shows a maximum at around 400[degrees]C, releasing acetone and isobutene. This is in agreement with spectral changes observed for their residuals obtained in the previous investigation [35].
These include compressors, separators, pumps and heat exchangers for 13 compressor stations that work to pump product to a cryogenic plant where the product is separated into butane, isobutene, ethane, methane and natural gas.
The three hydrocarbon refrigerants approved as acceptable substitutes, with use conditions, are propane (R-290), isobutene (R-600), and a blend of ethane, propane, butane and isobutene known as R-441a.
RS Butyl rubber is essentially poly(isobutene) with two mol per cent of isoprene in the polymer chain.
1,3,5-trimethylbenzene, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzeneand sec-butylbenzene, 2-butanone, ethylene, acetylene, propene, isobutene. 1-butene.
Together with Colorado-based Gevo Inc, Lanxess is developing isobutene from renewable resources starting with corn.