Isolated Cultures

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Isolated Cultures


isolated feeding of plants, a method used in plant physiology to study root secretions, the effect of certain nutrient elements on plant uptake of other elements, the effect of ambient temperature on their uptake, and so forth.

P. R. Slezkin was the first to use the method of isolated cultures (1893), and I.S. Shulov perfected the method in the laboratory of D.N. Prianishnikov in 1913. The method involves dividing the roots into two or more strands and placing them in solutions containing different combinations of nutrients. “Isolated temperatures,” a modification of the method, makes it possible to study the entry of nutrients into the same plant at different temperatures.

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The paper presents the study of the habitat of mycobacteria in various natural and climatic zones of the Karaganda region, which showed that out of all the isolated cultures, 307 (94.5%) were atypical mycobacteria (.
Filled with stories about isolated cultures, exploring local life, and challenging personal adventures, "The Photographing Tourist" is a storytellers guide to travel and photography that reads like an eight-month collection of articles from a favorite travel magazine.
The first question which an anthropologist might ask is whether fanatics are found in relatively stable, isolated cultures whose members have no contact with the outside world.
The isolated cultures of microalgae were stained with nile red and observed under the fluorescent microscope.
Primary identification of isolated cultures on Ploskirev medium showed that 85-90% of them were Salmonella spp.
But the planet's largest and most diverse isolated cultures are centered in the Amazon, primarily in eastern Peru and western Brazil.
At the same time the isolated cultures of microorganisms differed by variability on some biological signs in the frequency of the detection in them of the factors, to which the pathogenicity of bacteria was connected.
The results obtained for one of the isolated cultures, showed maximum absorbance at 310 nm.
Sequencing results revealed that Phellinus pini was the decay fungus present in wood samples A and B, and isolated cultures (Ac and Bc), while Byssochlamvs nivea which was responsible for the sapstain was identified for wood sample C and fungal culture (Cc).
Instead of voicing a series of one-dimensional or somehow isolated cultures, these texts manifest an openness to contiguous cultural discourses such as 'folk' and 'art' poetry, or Scots and Gaelic writing, be they those of their own or a previous era, or of their own or another culture" (x).
Now, not even the most isolated cultures are immune from the ministrations of miners and missionaries, loggers and lawyers.

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