Isolation Ward

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Isolation Ward


in medicine, specially equipped premises designed for the isolation of patients and others who have been in contact with carriers of infectious diseases or who have been exposed to a high-danger zone of infection. The most effective type of isolation ward is a chamber with a separate entrance and exit. A ward with isolated compartments is used for less strict isolation. Isolation wards are also set up in nurseries and kindergartens, Pioneer camps, sanatoriums, and rest homes.

When necessary, an isolation ward may be arranged on temporarily adapted premises (apartments, separate rooms). Houses, dugouts, mud huts, tents, and cabins are used under military (especially field) conditions. In such cases the isolation wards must be removed from other units, they are set up away from lines of movement, living quarters, supply depots, kitchens, water supply, and so forth. A special inventory is set aside for the isolation ward: disinfectants, bedding, underclothes, and clothing for the patients, and dishes, nursing supplies, medications, instruments, and protective clothing for personnel. Only personnel well trained in the methods of dealing with infectious patients and in measures of personal prophylaxis are allowed to work in an isolation ward. Personnel are vaccinated when necessary.

An isolation ward for sick animals is a room with a separate entrance and exit; it should be no less than 200 m from living and breeding quarters. A depression is made in the floor at the entrance to the ward for flat tubs in which floor mats or felt, saturated with a disinfectant liquid, are placed. In meat-packing plants isolation wards are equipped to hold up to 1 percent of the daily intake of cattle.

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Dr Shareef said that the hospital has provided all possible facilities to the dengue patients including isolation wards and separate beds.
"On Friday, we created isolation wards for these students so that they do not spread the infection.
Dr Masooma Sardar said that total 14 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital this year and the best treatment facilities were being provided to them in the Isolation Ward.
Dzulkefly said that 48 cases were still being treated, namely, 46 in the isolation wards and two in the Intensive Care Unit as of July 5.
"All six who are in isolation wards and were suspected to have been infected with the Nipah virus have been found to be safe.
If not, he will continue to stay in the isolation ward and all people who were in close contact with him will be isolated, health authorities said.
At the Kenyatta National Hospital's isolation ward, one step inside and you feel like you are in a different world.
Medical staff work at the swine flu isolation ward of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad.
With a surge in swine flu cases here, the PGI hospital administration has put in place a new isolation ward; 10 private wards have also been reserved.
In March 2014, the Bomi County Community Health Department (BCCHD) built an isolation ward for Ebola patients adjacent to the county's single hospital after receiving news of the first Ebola case in Liberia (Figure).
There, the Ebola suspected are observed in an isolation ward for three days.
The Health Ministry says a man who was being tested for the Ebola virus and was in critical condition in an isolation ward has died.