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Matrix isopotential synchronous fluorescence direct determination of gentisic acid in urine.
Direct determination of amiloride in urine using isopotential fluorimetry.
The ampulla thus functions as an insulated core conductor, and the receptor cells measure the voltage drop across the length of the ampulla; i.e., the receptors measure the potential difference between the internal lumen, which is isopotential with the external environment at the epidermal pore, and the internal field gradient established within the animal by the low skin resistance and high conductivity of the internal tissues.
It presents an isopotential activation map of a virtually reconstructed endocardium, which allows analysis of the complete map from one tachycardia beat (2).
2, the streamline of the vortex is a family of concentric circles and the isopotential is the family of rays emitted from the center of the circles.
Objective: Study goal was a comparative analysis of the characteristics of the isopotential maps, registered originally in the body surface potential mapping (BSPM) 87-lead (complete) cylindrical system, which were then transformed to the 30-lead (limited) spherical subsystem.
Isopotential maps make possible to monitor precisely successive phenomena taking place during depolarization and repolarization of the cardiomyocytes, but, on the other hand, these maps contain such data abundance that sometimes it is difficult to perform any quick interpretation, especially in clinical conditions.
The ERP voltage topographic maps were made by plotting color-coded isopotentials obtained by interpolating the voltage values between the scalp electrodes in specific latencies.