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see EsfahanEsfahan
or Isfahan
, anc. Aspadana, city (1991 pop. 1,127,030), capital of Esfahan prov., central Iran, on the Zayandeh River. The city is located on a high plain at the foot of the Zagros Mts., where the nearby peaks are c.1,400 ft (430 m) high.
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, Iran.
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that reads as "foreign" in the Ispahan context, but she also
Some of our favourites are: Ispahan - rose cream, raspberry and lychee; Satine - passionfruit, orange and cream cheese; Envie - violet, vanilla and blackcurrant; Mosaic - pistachio and cherry; and Sarah - passionfruit, chestnut and green tea.
The most admired flavours of the evening were the macaron "Infiniment Citron Caviar", macaron "Truffe Blanche et Noisette", and macaron "Marron Glace", three of the chef's signature flavours from the end of year collection as well as some of the iconic flavours of Pierre Herme like Ispahan, Mogador, and Satine.
In June 2015, we organized four conferences in Iran, in Tehran, Kashan, Ispahan and Yazd.
Some of these identifications seem arbitrary--why the right elbow of the Empire is at Cordova, in Moorish Spain (from whence come attacks against the Empire), while the left elbow is at some undifferentiated point up north of the Black Sea, I have no idea, nor why he should have placed the bung-hole of the Empire, the point of defecation, in the great Persian city of Ispahan (Williams seems to have really hated dualism).
Pero al fin son persas los jefes de Ispahan, son turcos los visires del gran senor, son tartaros los sultanes de la Tartaria.
The spice meister to chefs Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert, Sercarz blends such exotic ingredients as limon omani, orchid root and seaweed into evocative mixtures like Ispahan for soups and stews.
To show the legacy of Persian Letters, he appends George Lyttelton's Letters from a Persian in England to his Friend at Ispahan (1735), Voltaire's Zadig, or Destiny: An Oriental Tale (1747), Oliver Goldsmith's The Citizen of the World (1762), and Maria Edgeworth's Murad the Unlucky (1804).
Perdonen que empiece con una nota personal y es que yo fui arquitecto recibido, profesor y toda la cosa y hasta estudie planeacion urbana en Estados Unidos y en Europa, Cierto que era bastante malito porque la arquitectura no me amaba como yo la amaba a ella, y por amarla camine y camine por medio mundo desde Leningrado a Ispahan, de Estocolmo a Tanger, de Boston hasta Buenos Aires, desde Le Corbusier hasta Niemeyer pasando por Mies y el tal Frank Lloyd Wright, y creanme que no hay peregrinos mas sufridos que los arquitectos que somos capaces de andar y andar para ver una fachada, unas columnas, una esplendorosa mezquita.
Isfahan, historically also rendered in English as Ispahan, Sepahan, Esfahan or Hispahan, is the capital of Isfahan Province in Iran, located about 340 kilometers (211 miles) South of Tehran.
Professor Turner echoes the criticism of the late William Barden, the Irish Dominican missionary and archbishop of Ispahan (Iran), whose commentary on Aquinas's Eucharistic theology appears in the multi-volume edition of the Summa Theologiae edited by Thomas Gilby.