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Butt, Isaac


Born Sept. 6, 1813, in Glenfin, County Donegal; died May 5, 1879, in Dublin. Irish political figure.

Butt was a professor of political economy at Dublin University (from 1836), a journalist, and an attorney. In the 1860’s he was prominent as a defense attorney in several trials of participants in the Irish liberation movement. In 1870 he was one of the founders of the Association for the Home Government of Ireland (after 1873, the Irish Home Rule League) and one of the leaders of the Irish opposition in the British Parliament. In the struggle for Irish self-government Butt supported moderate tactics and criticized the method of parliamentary obstruction. As a result, Butt lost his influence in the Home Rule League, and Charles Parnell became its leader.

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Irish attitudes towards empire at the start of this era were not unanimously hostile as demonstrated by the initial Home Rule leader Issac Butt's view that Ireland's quest for self-government could be reconciled with Irish participation in a reformed and federated British imperial entity.
Parnell and his obstructionist colleagues skillfully used the Afghan and Zulu issues to weaken Issac Butt's leadership of the Home Rule movement and to build moral capital for their grievances regarding Disraeli's failure to introduce any positive legislation for Ireland between 1877 and 1880.
Topics discussed include history in popular songs from 1798-1900, perceptions of Ireland and its past in nineteenth-century national school books, Issac Butt and Charles Stuart Parnell: the history of politics and the politics of history, and excavating the Emerald Isle: the use of the past in Irish tourism.