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an urban-type settlement in Kel’badzhar Raion, Azerbaijan SSR; balneological health resort.

Istisu is located in the Lesser Caucasus at an altitude of 2, 200–2, 400 m, in the gorge of the Terter River (Kura basin), 166 km southwest of the railroad station of Barda, with which it is linked by motor road. Summers are moderately warm (average July temperature of 16°-18°C), winters are rather mild (average January temperature of — 6°C), and precipitation amounts to about 600 mm a year. The therapeutic agent is hot carbonated mineral water close in composition to that of Karlovy Vary in Czechoslovakia and Dzhermuk in the Armenian SSR:

The water of the mineral springs is used for drinking therapy and baths and is bottled. Treatment is available for patients with digestive disorders and metabolic disturbances, as well as attendant diseases of the locomotive organs and nervous system and gynecological ailments. Istisu water yields a salt which is used to combat chronic constipation, liver and gallbladder complaints, and gastritis conditions involving abnormal secretion ofgastric juice. Facilities include sanatoriums, a bathhouse, and drinking installations.

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Also, the beaches in the country's regions, such as Yalama, Seyidlar and Istisu beaches in Khachmaz region, as well as beaches of southern regions of Azerbaijan, in Lankaran and Astara, are appropriate for swimming.
Naftalan, Istisu and Duzdag in Nakhcevan regions, there are such potential places for investors.
Vartojimo prekes tampa vis labiau prikrautos ivaizdziu ar istisu gyvenimo stiliu, kurie dazniausiai perimami is mediju kulturos, o parduodami rinkoje produktai tampa prisotinti mediju vaizdiniu (Jameson 2002).
2 Istisu: a health resort in the Caucasus region of Azerbaijan.
Many of the locals and foreign tourists visit Istisu, Naftalan, Galaalti, Duzdagh health centers for treatment.
Todel straipsnio tikslas--atgaivinti salies miestu centruose, o ypac senamiesciuose nauju viesuju erdviu--pesciuju gatviu ir net istisu pesciuju zonu--kurimo ir realizavimo procesa.
Ypatingas atvejis--zodzio arba istisu sakiniu reiksmes nustatymas, kurie sudaryti is zinomu kalbos elementu, bet turi kita prasme, arba turi zodziu, kuriu tinkamos reiksmes siam kontekstui negalima rasti zodyne.
In its turn, the Istisu resort in Masalli has enormous benefits for patients with gastrointestinal diseases.
Many of the local and foreign tourists are coming to Istisu, Naftalan, Galaalti, Duzdag health centers for treatment.
At the end of the event, it is planned to organize an info-tour for the participants to the Naftalan, Istisu, Galaalti and Duzdag medical and health centers, he added.

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