Istoben Cattle

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Istoben Cattle


a breed of dairy cattle, first produced in the 19th century in Istoben Volost (small rural district), Viata Province, through many years of selective breeding of native cattle and improving them with Kholmogory, Shvitz, Iaroslavl’, and Dutch breeds.

Istoben cattle are a well-defined dairy type. The coat can be black, motley black, red, or motley red, often with a white dorsal stripe. Cows weigh 420–450 kg, bulls 650–720 kg. The milk yield is 2, 400–3,000 kg (record yield, 8,366 kg). The many years of selective breeding have produced a valuable quality—a high fat content in the milk, which ranges from 4.1–4.2 to 5 percent. Istoben cattle are raised in Kirov Oblast, RSFSR.


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